gab <01354>

bg gab

Origin:from an unused root
Reference:TWOT - 303a
PrtSpch:noun masculine/feminime
In Hebrew:ybg 2, Kbg 2, bg 2, tbg 1, Nhybgw 1, Mhybgw 1, Mtbgw 1, ybgl 1, Mhbgw 1, Mkybg 1
In NET:rims 3, chamber 2, defenses 2, backs 1, back 1, height 1, chambers 1, strong 1, eyebrows 1
In AV:eminent place 3, rings 2, bodies 2, back 1, backs 1, bosses 1, eyebrows 1, naves 1, higher place 1
Definition:1) convex surface, back
1a) back (of man)
1b) mound (for illicit worship)
1c) boss (convex projection of shield)
1d) bulwarks, breastworks (of arguments - fig.)
1e) brow, eyebrow
1f) rim (of wheel)
from an unused root meaning to hollow or curve; the back (as
rounded (compare 1460 and 1479); by analogy, the top or rim, a
boss, a vault, arch of eye, bulwarks, etc.:-back, body, boss,
eminent (higher) place, (eye)brows, nave, ring.
see HEBREW for 01460
see HEBREW for 01479

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