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Acts 20:19

20:19 serving the Lord with all humility 1  and with tears, and with the trials that happened to me because of the plots 2  of the Jews.

Acts 20:31

20:31 Therefore be alert, 3  remembering that night and day for three years I did not stop warning 4  each one of you with tears.

Acts 20:37-38

20:37 They all began to weep loudly, 5  and hugged 6  Paul and kissed him, 7  20:38 especially saddened 8  by what 9  he had said, that they were not going to see him 10  again. Then they accompanied 11  him to the ship.

1 sn On humility see 2 Cor 10:1; 11:7; 1 Thess 2:6; Col 3:12; Eph 4:2; Phil 2:3-11.

2 sn These plots are mentioned in Acts 9:24; 20:13.

3 tn Or “be watchful.”

4 tn Or “admonishing.”

5 tn Grk “weeping a great deal,” thus “loudly” (BDAG 472 s.v. ἱκανός and BDAG 546 s.v. κλαυθμός).

6 tn Grk “fell on Paul’s neck” (an idiom, see BDAG 1014 s.v. τράχηλος).

7 sn The Ephesians elders kissed Paul as a sign of both affection and farewell. The entire scene shows how much interrelationship Paul had in his ministry and how much he and the Ephesians meant to each other.

8 tn Or “pained.”

9 tn Grk “by the word that he had said.”

10 tn Grk “to see his face” (an idiom for seeing someone in person).

11 tn BDAG 873 s.v. προπέμπω 1 has “they accompanied him to the ship Ac 20:38.”

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