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2 Samuel 22:33


22:33 The one true God 1  is my mighty refuge; 2 

he removes 3  the obstacles in my way. 4 

2 Samuel 22:36


22:36 You give me 5  your protective shield; 6 

your willingness to help enables me to prevail. 7 

1 tn Heb “the God.” See the note at v. 31.

2 tc 4QSama has מְאַזְּרֵנִי (mÿazzÿreni, “the one girding me with strength”) rather than the MT מָעוּזִּי (mauzzi, “my refuge”). See as well Ps 18:32.

3 tn The prefixed verbal form with vav consecutive here carries along the generalizing tone of the preceding line.

4 tn Heb “and he sets free (from the verb נָתַר, natar) [the] blameless, his [Kethib; “my” (Qere)] way.” The translation follows Ps 18:32 in reading “he made my path smooth.” The term תָּמִים (tamim, “smooth”) usually carries a moral or ethical connotation, “blameless, innocent.” However, in Ps 18:33 it refers to a pathway free of obstacles. The reality underlying the metaphor is the psalmist’s ability to charge into battle without tripping (see vv. 33, 36).

5 tn Another option is to translate the prefixed verb with vav consecutive with a past tense, “you gave me.” Several prefixed verbal forms with vav consecutive also appear in vv. 38-44. The present translation understands this section as a description of what generally happened when the author charged into battle, but another option is to understand the section as narrative and translate accordingly.

6 tc Ps 18:35 contains an additional line following this one, which reads “your right hand supports me.” It may be omitted here due to homoioarcton. See the note at Ps 18:35.

tn Heb “and you give me the shield of your deliverance”; KJV, ASV “the shield of thy (your NRSV, NLT) salvation”; NIV “your shield of victory.” Ancient Near Eastern literature often refers to a god giving a king special weapons. See R. B. Chisholm, “An Exegetical and Theological Study of Psalm 18/2 Samuel 22” (Th.D. diss., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1983), 260-61.

7 tn Heb “your answer makes me great.” David refers to God’s willingness to answer his prayer.

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