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Map 6

The Hill Country of Samaria

XY Place Name NET G
F3 Anathoth 16
B2 Arumah 2
D3 Baal Hazor 1
E3 Bethel 65
A3 Ebal, Mt. 5
E3 Geba 16
B3 Gerizim, Mt. 4
F3 Gibeah 47
E4 Gibeon 36
E1 Jericho 59
F3 Jerusalem 784
F5 Kiriath Jearim 18
E3 Michmash 11
E4 Mizpah 43
E3 Ramah 35
A4 Samaria 111
A3 Shechem 58
C3 Shiloh 32
A2 Tirzah 17
F3 Salem 4
A4 Sebaste 111
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