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In Bible versions:

a town of Benjamin 10 km NE of Jerusalem, given to the priests
son of Becher, a Benjamite
an Israelite chief who signed the covenant to obey God's law

answer; song; poverty ( --> same as Anath)
NETBible Maps: Map6 F3
Google Maps: Anathoth (31° 48´, 35° 15´)


Strongs #06069: yttne `Anthothiy or ytwtne `Ann@thowthiy

Anethothite = see Anathoth "affliction"

1) a descendant or inhabitant of Anathoth

6069 `Anthothiy an-tho-thee'

or rAnnthowthiy {an-ne-tho-thee'}; patrial from 6068; a
Antothite or inhabitant of Anathoth:-of Anathoth,
Anethothite, Anetothite, Antothite.
see HEBREW for 06068

Strongs #06068: twtne `Anathowth

Anathoth = "answers to prayer"

n pr m
1) son of Becher and grandson of Benjamin
2) one of the heads of the people who signed the covenant with Nehemiah

n pr loc
3) a city of Benjamin allotted to the priest; located approximately 3
miles (5 km) from Jerusalem; birthplace of the prophet Jeremiah

6068 `Anathowth an-aw-thoth'

plural of 6067; Anathoth, the name of two Israelites, also of
a place in Pal:-Anathoth.
see HEBREW for 06067

Anathoth [EBD]

the name of one of the cities of refuge, in the tribe of Benjamin (Josh. 21:18). The Jews, as a rule, did not change the names of the towns they found in Palestine; hence this town may be regarded as deriving its name from the goddess Anat. It was the native place of Abiezer, one of David's "thirty" (2 Sam. 23:27), and of Jehu, another of his mighty men (1 Chr. 12:3). It is chiefly notable, however, as the birth-place and usual residence of Jeremiah (Jer. 1:1; 11:21-23; 29:27; 32:7-9). It suffered greatly from the army of Sennacherib, and only 128 men returned to it from the Exile (Neh. 7:27; Ezra 2:23). It lay about 3 miles north of Jerusalem. It has been identified with the small and poor village of 'Anata, containing about 100 inhabitants.

Anathoth [NAVE]

1. A Levitical city in Benjamin, Josh. 21:18; 1 Chr. 6:60.
Abiathar confined in, 1 Kin. 2:26.
Birthplace of Jeremiah, Jer. 1:1; 32:7-12; of Abiezer, 2 Sam. 23:27; of Jehu, 1 Chr. 12:3.
Prophecies against, Jer. 11:21-23.
Inhabitants of, after Babylonian captivity, Ezra 2:23; Neh. 7:27.
2. Son of Becher, 1 Chr. 7:8.
3. A Jew, who returned from Babylon, Neh. 10:19.


(answers to prayer).
  1. Son of Becher, a son of Benjamin. (1 Chronicles 7:8)
  2. One of the "heads of the people" who signed the covenant in the time of Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 10:19) (B.C. 410.)


a priests? city belonging to the tribe of Benjamin, with "suburbs." (Joshua 21:18; 1 Chronicles 6:60) Anathoth lay about three miles from Jerusalem. (Isaiah 10:30) The cultivation of the priests survives in tilled fields of grain, with figs and olives. There are the remains of walls and strong foundations, and the quarries still supply Jerusalem with building stones.


ANATHOTH - an'-a-thoth (`anathoth; Anathoth): A town which lay between Michmash and Jerusalem (Isa 10:30), in the territory of Benjamin, assigned to the Levites (Josh 21:18). It was the native place of Abiathar (1 Ki 2:26), and of the prophet Jer (Jer 1:1; 11:21 ff, etc.). Here lay the field which, under remarkable circumstances, the prophet purchased (Jer 32:7 ff). Two of David's distinguished soldiers, Abiezer (2 Sam 23:27) and Jehu (1 Ch 12:3), also hailed from Anathoth. It was again occupied by the Benjamites after the return from the Exile (Neh 11:32, etc.). It is identified with `Anata, two and a quarter miles Northeast of Jerusalem, a small village of some fifteen houses with remains of ancient walls. There are quarries in the neighborhood from which stones are still carried to Jerusalem. It commands a spacious outlook over the uplands to the North, and especially to the Southeast, over the Jordan valley toward the Dead Sea and the mountains of Moab. There is nothing to shelter it from the withering power of the winds from the eastern deserts (Jer 4:11; 18:17, etc.).

W. Ewing

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