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Paul's First Missionary Journey

XY Place Name NET G
E2 Antioch, Pisidian 18
F2 Antioch, Syrian 18
C2 Athens 5
E2 Attalia 1
C1 Berea 4
F4 Caesarea 17
C2 Corinth 7
E2 Derbe 4
D2 Ephesus 17
E2 Iconium 6
F4 Jerusalem 784
E2 Lystra 6
D2 Miletus 3
E3 Paphos 2
E2 Perge 0
C1 Philippi 6
D2 Rhodes 1
E3 Salamis 1
F2 Seleucia 1
F2 Tarsus 5
C1 Thessalonica 7
D1 Troas 6
F4 Salem 4
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