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HEBREW: 6935 ynmdq Qadmoniy
NAVE: Kadmonites
EBD: Kadmonites
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In Bible versions:

Kadmonite: NASB
residents of the region east of Judah

ancients; chiefs


Strongs #06935: ynmdq Qadmoniy

Kadmonites = "easterners"

1) a people who occupied the land of Canaan when God promised it to Abram

6935 Qadmoniy kad-mo-nee'

the same as 6931; ancient, i.e. aboriginal; Kadmonite
(collectively), the name of a tribe in Palestine:-
see HEBREW for 06931

Kadmonites [EBD]

Orientals, the name of a Canaanitish tribe which inhabited the north-eastern part of Palestine in the time of Abraham (Gen. 15:19). Probably they were identical with the "children of the east," who inhabited the country between Palestine and the Euphrates.

Kadmonites [NAVE]

Gen. 15:19


(Orientals), The, a people named in (Genesis 15:19) only; one of the nations who at that time occupied the land (Canaan) promised to the descendants of Abram. The name is probably a synonym for the Bene-Kedem --the "children of the East."


KADMONITE - kad'-mon-it (qadhmoni; Kedmonaioi, signifies "the Easterner," or, less probably, "one of the ancient race"): The Kadmonites are mentioned in Gen 15:19 along with the Kenites and Kenizzites of Edom, and are doubtless the same as "the children of the east," whose wisdom was celebrated (1 Ki 4:30). qedhemah, "the East," was a son of Ishmael (Gen 25:15; compare 25:6). In an Egyptian story describing the adventures of a political refugee who fled from Egypt in the time of the XIIth Dynasty, it is said that he found a refuge in Canaan in the land of Kaduma or Kedem.

A. H. Sayce

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