qadmowniy <06931>

ynwmdq qadmowniy or ynmdq qadmoniy

Pronunciation:kad-mo-nee' kad-mo-nee'
Origin:from 06930
Reference:TWOT - 1988f
In Hebrew:ynwmdqh 4, ynmdqh 2, Mynwmdq 1, twynmdq 1, Mynmdqw 1, twynmdqw 1
In NET:east 3, eastern 2, eastward 1, former 1, old 1, former events 1, past 1
In AV:east 4, former 2, ancients 1, that went before 1, things of old 1, old 1
Definition:1) former, ancient, eastern
1a) former, ancient
1b) eastern
or qadmoniy {kad-mo-nee'}; from 6930; (of time) anterior or
(of place) oriental:-ancient, they that went before, east,
(thing of) old.
see HEBREW for 06930
in Bible:
Eastern Sea (KJV, TEV)
eastern sea (NET, NASB, NIV, NRSV)

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