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HEBREW: 6934 laymdq Qadmiy'el
NAVE: Kadmiel
EBD: Kadmiel
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In Bible versions:

a Levite whose descendants returned from exile in Babylon
son of Henadad; a signer of the covenant to obey God's law

God of antiquity; God of rising


Strongs #06934: laymdq Qadmiy'el

Kadmiel = "God is the ancient one"

1) a Levite, descendant of Hodaviah, and head of a family of returning
exiles; also oversaw the work on the temple and also was one of the
leaders of the people who led the people in the public confession

6934 Qadmiy'el kad-mee-ale'

from 6924 and 410; presence of God; Kadmiel, the name of
three Israelites:-Kadmiel.
see HEBREW for 06924
see HEBREW for 0410

Kadmiel [EBD]

before God; i.e., his servant, one of the Levites who returned with Zerubbabel from the Captivity (Neh. 9:4; 10:9; 12:8).

Kadmiel [NAVE]

1. A Levite, Ezra 2:40; 3:9; Neh. 7:43; 12:8, 24.
2. A Levite who assisted in leading the devotions of the people, Neh. 9:4, 5; 10:9.


(before God), one of the Levites who with his family returned from Babylon with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:40; Nehemiah 7:43) He and his house are mentioned in history on three occasions - (Ezra 3:9; Nehemiah 9:4,5; 10:9) (B.C. 535-410.)


KADMIEL - kad'-mi-el (qadhmi'el, "before God," "priest"(?); "Cadmiel" in parallel lists in 1 Esdras 5:26,58 the King James Version; omitted in Septuagint Codex Vaticanus; Codex Alexandrinus reads kai Kadmielon): A Levite (Ezr 2:40; Neh 7:43), founder of a family whose descendants returned from captivity with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:1; Neh 7:43; 12:1,8). He is named among those who praise God for the return (Neh 9:4,5; 12:24); was of those who "set forward" the work of the Lord's house (Ezr 3:9; 1 Esdras 5:26,58), and is again mentioned with those who "seal" the new Return Covenant (Neh 10:28 ff) after the re-establishment of worship (Neh 10:1,9).

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