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HEBREW: 3480 hlarsy Y@sar'elah
NAVE: Jesarelah Jesharelah
EBD: Jesharelah
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In Bible versions:

Jesharelah: NET AVS NASB TEV
Jesarelah: NIV NRSV
son of Asaph; a Levite worship leader in the time of King David


Strongs #03480: hlarsy Y@sar'elah

Jesharelah = "these are upright"

1) a Levite and son of Asaph and leader of the 7th course of the

3480 Ysar'elah yes-ar-ale'-aw

by variation from 3477 and 410 with directive enclitic; right
towards God; Jesarelah, an Israelite:-Jesharelah.
see HEBREW for 03477
see HEBREW for 0410

Jesharelah [EBD]

upright towards God, the head of the seventh division of Levitical musicians (1 Chr. 25:14).

Jesarelah [NAVE]

See: Jesharelah.

Jesharelah [NAVE]

JESHARELAH, a Levite, choral leader, 1 Chr. 25:14.


(right before God), son of Asaph, and head of the seventh of the twenty-four wards into which the musicians of the Levites were divided. (1 Chronicles 25:14) [ASARELAH] (B.C. 1014).


JESHARELAH - jesh-a-re'-la (yesar'elah, meaning doubtful): One of the (or probably a family of) Levitical musicians (1 Ch 25:14), called "Asharelah" in verse 2. The names should be written "Asarelah" and "Jesarelah."

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