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HEBREW: 5816 layze `Uzziy'el
NAVE: Uzziel
EBD: Uzziel
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In Bible versions:

son of Kohath son of Levi
son of Ishi of Simeon who helped destroy the Amalekites
son of Bela son of Benjamin
son of Heman the Levite; worship leader under Heman and David
a Levite leader of Jeduthun Clan in the time of Hezekiah
son of Harhaiah; a goldsmith who helped rebuild the wall

the strength, or kid, of the Lord ( --> same as Uzziah)


Strongs #05816: layze `Uzziy'el

Uzziel = "my strength is God"

1) the 4th son of Kohath and grandson of Levi, uncle of Moses and Aaron
2) a Simeonite captain, son of Ishi, in the days of king Hezekiah of
3) descendant of Bela, head of a family in the tribe of Benjamin
4) a musician of the sons of Heman in the time of David
5) a Levite of the sons of Jeduthun in the days of king Hezekiah of
6) son of Harhaiah, probably a priest and a goldsmith, who took part
in repairing the wall under Nehemiah

5816 `Uzziy'el ooz-zee-ale'

from 5797 and 410; strength of God; Uzziel, the name of six
see HEBREW for 05797
see HEBREW for 0410

Uzziel [EBD]

strength of God. (1.) One of the sons of Kohath, and uncle of Aaron (Ex. 6:18; Lev. 10:4).

(2.) A Simeonite captain (1 Chr. 4:39-43).

(3.) A son of Bela, and grandson of Benjamin (1 Chr. 7:7).

(4.) One of the sons of Heman (1 Chr. 25:4); called also Azareel (18).

(5.) A son of Jeduthan (2 Chr. 29:14).

(6.) The son of Harhaiah (Neh. 3:8).

Uzziel [NAVE]

1. A son of Kohath, Ex. 6:18, 22; Lev. 10:4.
2. A Simeonite captain, 1 Chr. 4:42.
3. Son of Bela, 1 Chr. 7:7.
4. One of David's musicians, 1 Chr. 25:4.
5. A Levite. Son of Jeduthun, 2 Chr. 29:14.
6. A goldsmith. Aided in repairing the walls of Jerusalem, Neh. 3:8.


(my strength is God).
  1. Fourth son of Kohath, father of Mishael, Eizaphan or Elizaphan and Zithri, and uncle to Aaron. (Exodus 6:18,22; Leviticus 10:4) (B.C. before 1491.)
  2. A Simeonite captain, son of Ishi, in the days of Hezekiah. (1 Chronicles 4:42)
  3. Head of a Benjamite house, of the sons of Bela. (1 Chronicles 7:7) (B.C. 1706.)
  4. A musician, of the sons of Heman in David?s reign. (1 Chronicles 25:4)
  5. A Levite, of the sons of Jeduthun, in the days of Hezekiah. (2 Chronicles 29:14,18) (B.C. 726.)
  6. Son of Harhaiah, probably a priest in the days of Nehemiah, who took part in repairing the wall. (Nehemiah 3:8) (B.C. 446.) He is described as "of the goldsmiths," i.e. of those priests whose hereditary office it was to repair or make the sacred vessels.


UZZIEL - u-zi'-el, uz'-i-el, oo'-zi-el (`uzzi'el, "El (God) is my strength"):

(1) A "son" of Kohath (Ex 6:18,22; Lev 10:4; Nu 3:19,30; 1 Ch 6:2,18 (Hebrew 5:28; 6:3); 15:10; 23:12,20; 24:24), called in Lev 10:4 "uncle of Aaron." The family is called Uzzielites (ha`uzzi'eli (collectively)) in Nu 3:27; 1 Ch 26:23.

(2) A Simeonite captain (1 Ch 4:42).

(3) Head of a Benjamite (or according to Curtis a Zebulunite) family (1 Ch 7:7).

(4) A Hemanite musician (1 Ch 25:4); The Septuagint's Codex Vaticanus has Azarael = "Azarel," the name given in 1 Ch 25:18.


(5) A Levite "son" of Jeduthun (2 Ch 29:14).

(6) A goldsmith who joined in repairing the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:8).

(7) The reading of Septuagint (Oziel) for Jahaziel in 1 Ch 23:19.

See JAHAZIEL, (3).

David Francis Roberts

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