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In Bible versions:

Salathiel: NRSV
a son of Neri; the father of Zerubbabel; an ancestor of Jesus
son of King Jehoiachin; father of Zerubbabel who was the governor of Judah

asked or lent of God ( --> same as Shealtiel)
asked or lent of God ( --> same as Salathiel)
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Strongs #4528: salayihl Salathiel

Shealtiel = "I have asked of God"

1) the son of Jeconiah in the genealogy of Christ

4528 Salathiel sal-ath-ee-ale'

of Hebrew origin (7597); Salathiel (i.e. Shealtiel), an
see HEBREW for 07597


Strongs #07597: laytlav [email protected]'altiy'el or laytlv Shaltiy'el

Shealtiel or Salathiel = "I have asked of God"

1) father of Zerubbabel
2) son of king Jehoiachin or Jeconiah or Coniah of Judah and uncle of

7597 Sh'altiy'el sheh-al-tee-ale'

or Shaltiy(el {shal-tee-ale'}; from 7592 and 410; I have
asked God; Shealtiel, an Israelite:-Shalthiel, Shealtiel.
see HEBREW for 07592
see HEBREW for 0410

Strongs #07598: laytlav [email protected]'altiy'el (Aramaic)

Shealtiel = "I have asked of God"

1) father of Zerubbabel

7598 Sh'altiy'el sheh-al-tee-ale'

(Aramaic) corresponding to 7597:-Shealtiel.
see HEBREW for 07597

Salathiel [EBD]

whom I asked of God, the son of Jeconiah (Matt. 1:12; 1 Chr. 3:17); also called the son of Neri (Luke 3:27). The probable explanation of the apparent discrepancy is that he was the son of Neri, the descendant of Nathan, and thus heir to the throne of David on the death of Jeconiah (comp. Jer. 22:30).

Shealtiel [EBD]

asked for of God, father of Zerubbabel (Ezra 3:2, 8; Neh. 12:1).

Salathiel [NAVE]

See: Shealtiel.

Shealtiel [NAVE]

SHEALTIEL, called also Salathiel. Father of Zerubbabel and ancestor of Jesus, 1 Chr. 3:17; Ezra 3:2, 8; 5:2; Neh. 12:1; Hag. 1:1, 12, 14; 2:2, 23; Matt. 1:12; Luke 3:27.


(I have asked of God). (1 Chronicles 3:17) The Authorized Version has Salathiel in (1 Chronicles 3:17) but everywhere else in the Old Testament Shealtiel.


(asked of God), father of Zerubbabel. (Ezra 3:2,8; 5:2; Nehemiah 12:1; Haggai 1:1,12,14; 2:2,23) (B.C. about 580.)


SALATHIEL - sa-la'-thi-el:

(1) (Salathiel): the King James Version; Greek form of "Shealtiel" (thus the Revised Version (British and American)). The father of Zerubbabel (1 Esdras 5:5,48,56; 6:2; Mt 1:12; Lk 3:27).

(2) Revised Version: Another name of Esdras (2 Esdras 3:1, "Salathiel").


SHEALTIEL - she-ol'-ti-el (she'alti'el, but in Hag 1:12,14; 2:2, shalti'el; Septuagint and the New Testament always Salathiel, hence, "Salathiel" of 1 Esdras 5:5,48,56; 6:2; the King James Version of Mt 1:12; Lk 3:27): Father of Zerubbabel (Ezr 3:2,8; 5:2; Neh 12:1; Hag 1:1,12,14; 2:2,23). But, according to 1 Ch 3:17, Shealtiel was the oldest son of King Jeconiah; in 3:19 the Massoretic Text makes Pedaiah, a brother of Shealtiel, the father of Zerubbabel (compare Curtis, ICC).

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