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HEBREW: 6274 laynte `Othniy'el
NAVE: Othniel
EBD: Othniel
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In Bible versions:

son of Kenaz of Judah; son-in-law to his uncle Caleb

the hour of God
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Strongs #06274: laynte `Othniy'el

Othniel = "lion of God"

1) son of Kenaz, younger brother of Caleb, and husband of Achsah the
daughter of Caleb and his own niece; first judge of Israel, who
after the death of Joshua, delivered the Israelites from the
oppression of Chushanrishathaim

6274 `Othniy'el oth-nee-ale'

from the same as 6273 and 410; force of God; Othniel, an
see HEBREW for 06273
see HEBREW for 0410

Othniel [EBD]

lion of God, the first of the judges. His wife Achsah was the daughter of Caleb (Josh. 15:16, 17; Judg. 1:13). He gained her hand as a reward for his bravery in leading a successful expedition against Debir (q.v.). Some thirty years after the death of Joshua, the Israelites fell under the subjection of Chushan-rishathaim (q.v.), the king of Mesopotamia. He oppressed them for full eight years, when they "cried" unto Jehovah, and Othniel was raised up to be their deliverer. He was the younger brother of Caleb (Judg. 3:8, 9-11). He is the only judge mentioned connected with the tribe of Judah. Under him the land had rest forty years.

Othniel [NAVE]

OTHNIEL, son of Kenaz and nephew of Caleb. Conquers Kirjath-sepher, and as reward secures Caleb's daughter to wife, Josh. 15:16-20; Judg. 1:12, 13.
Becomes deliverer and judge of Israel, Judg. 3:8-11.
Death of, Judg. 3:11.
Descendants of, 1 Chr. 4:13, 14.


(lion of God), son of Kenaz and younger brother of Caleb. (Joshua 15:17; Judges 1:13; 3:9; 1 Chronicles 4:13) (B.C. 1460.) The first mention of Othniel is on occasion of the taking of Kirjath-sepher, or Debir as it was afterward called. Caleb promised to give his daughter Achsah to whosoever should assault and take the city. Othniel won the prize. The next mention of him is in (Judges 3:9) where he appears as the first judge of Israel after the death of Joshua, and the deliverer of his countrymen from the oppression of Chushahrishathaim (Judges 3:8-9)


OTHNIEL - oth'-ni-el (`othni'el): A hero in Israel, son of Kenaz, Caleb's younger brother. He conquered Kiriath-sepher, later known as Debir, in the territory of Judah in the days of Joshua, and was given the daughter of Caleb, Achsah, to wife as a reward (Josh 15:17, parallel found in Jdg 1:13). He later smote Cushan-rishathaim, king of Mesopotamia, whom the children of Israel had served 8 years, and thus not only saved the Israelites, but by reviving national sentiment among them (compare Ant, V, iv, 3), and reestablishing government, became the first of those hero-rulers known as "judges." The effects of his victory lasted an entire generation (40 years, Jdg 3:9-11). He had a son named Hathath (1 Ch 4:13) and probably another named Meonothai (compare recensio Luciana of Septuagint, at the place). In the days of David we find a family bearing the name of Othniel, from which came Heldai the Metophathite, captain of the twelfth month (1 Ch 27:15).

Nathan Isaacs

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