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NAVE: Ouches
EBD: Ouches
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Ouches [EBD]

an Old English word denoting cavities or sockets in which gems were set (Ex. 28:11).

Ouches [NAVE]

OUCHES, sockets, Ex. 28:11.


OUCHES - ouch'-ez, -iz (mishbetsoth (Ex 28:11,13,14,25; 39:6,13,16,18) the American Standard Revised Version "settings," but in Ex 39:13, "inclosings"): The secondary meaning of this now archaic word is the gold or silver setting of a precious stone. In Exodus, where it occurs 8 times, it is clear that the gold settings of the engraved stones forming the breast-plate of the high priest are intended; the onyx stones forming the fibula or brooch for holding together the two sides of the breast-plate being said to be "enclosed in ouches (settings) of gold" (Ex 39:6). Not only were these two onyx or beryl stones so set, but the 12 stones forming the front of the breast-plate were "inclosed in gold in their settings" (Ex 28:20). The same word occurs in Ps 45:13, where the king's daughter is said to have her clothing "in-wrought with gold," i.e. embroidered with gold thread or wire. Ex 39:3 tells us how this wire was produced. From this fact it may be inferred that the settings of the breast-plate were not solid pieces of gold, but were formed of woven wire wreathed round the stones, in a sort of filigree.


W. Shaw Caldecott

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