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NAVE: Magor-Missabib
EBD: Magor-missabib
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fear on every side

Magor-missabib [EBD]

fear on every side, (Jer. 20:3), a symbolical name given to the priest Pashur, expressive of the fate announced by the prophet as about to come upon him. Pashur was to be carried to Babylon, and there die.

Magor-Missabib [NAVE]

MAGOR-MISSABIB, a symbolical name given by Jeremiah to Pashur, Jer. 20:3-6.


MAGOR-MISSABIB - ma'-gor-mis'-a-bib (maghor miccabhibh, "terror on every side"): A name given by Jeremiah to Pashhur ben Immer, the governor of the temple, who had caused the prophet to be beaten and set in the stocks (Jer 20:3). The same expression is used (not as a proper name) in several other passages (Ps 31:13; Jer 6:25; 20:10; 46:5; 49:29; Lam 2:22).

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