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MAGNIFY - mag'-ni-fi (Hiphil of gadhal; megaluno, "to make great," "extol," "celebrate in praise"): Used especially of exaltation of the name, mercy, and other attributes of God (Gen 19:19; 2 Sam 7:26; Ps 35:27; 40:16; 70:4; Lk 1:46; Acts 10:46); of God's "word" (Ps 138:2); or of Christ (Acts 19:17; Phil 1:20). Men also can be "magnified" (Josh 4:14; 1 Ch 29:25, etc.). In Rom 11:13, "magnify mine office," the word (Greek, doxazo) is changed in the Revised Version (British and American) to "glorify."

Also see definition of "Magnify" in Word Study

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