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NAVE: Hananeel
EBD: Hananeel
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grace, or gift, of God

Hananeel [EBD]

God has graciously given, a tower in the wall of Jerusalem (Neh. 3:1; 12:39). It is mentioned also in Jer. 31:38; Zech. 14:10.

Hananeel [NAVE]

HANANEEL, name of a tower forming part of the wall of Jerusalem, Neh. 3:1; 12:39; Jer. 31:38; Zech. 14:10.


(whom God graciously gave), The tower of, a tower which formed part of the wall of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3:1; 12:39) From these two passages, particularly from the former, it might almost be inferred that Hananeel was but another name for the tower of Meah; at any rate they were close together, and stood between the sheep-gate and the fish-gate. This tower is further mentioned in (Jeremiah 31:38) The remaining passage in which it is named, (Zechariah 14:10) also connects this tower with the "corner-gate," which lay on the other side of the sheep-gate.

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