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NAVE: Diplomacy
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Diplomacy [NAVE]

1 Cor. 9:20-23 See: Tact.
Instances of
Of Abimelech, Gen. 21:22, 23; 26:26-31.
The Gibeonites, in securing a league with the Israelites through deception, Josh. 9:3-16.
Of Jephthah, with the king of Moab, unsuccessful, Judg. 11:12-28.
Of Abigail, 1 Sam. 25:23-31.
Of Hiram, to secure the good will of David, 2 Sam. 5:11.
Of Toi, to promote the friendship of David, 2 Sam. 8:10.
David, in sending Hushai to Absalom's court, 2 Sam. 15:32-37; 16:15-19; 17:1-14.
The wise woman of Abel, 2 Sam. 20:16-22.
Absalom wiing the people, 2 Sam. 15:2-6.
Solomon, in his alliance with Hiram, 1 Kin. 5:1-12; 9:10-14, 26, 27; 10:11; by intermarriage with other nations, 1 Kin. 1:1-5.
Ambassadors from Ben-hadad to Ahab, 1 Kin. 20:31-34.
Jehoash purchases peace from Hazael, 2 Kin. 12:18.
Ahaz purchases aid from the king of Assyria, 2 Kin. 16:7-9.
Rab-shakeh, in trying to induce Jerusalem to capitulate by bombastic harangue, 2 Kin. 18:17-37; 19:1-13; Isa. 36:11-22.
Sanballat, in an attempt to prevent the rebuilding of Jerusalem by Nehemiah, Neh. 6.
The people of Tyre and Sidon, in securing the favor of Herod, Acts 12:20-22.
Paul, in pitting the Pharisees and Sadducees against each other at his trial, Acts 23:6-10.
Ecclesiastical: Paul, in circumcising Timothy, Acts 16:3; in performing certain temple services to placate the Jews, Acts 21:20-25, with Gal. 6:12.
Corrupt practices in: The officers of Nebuchadnezzar's court to secure the destruction of Daniel, Dan. 6:4-15.

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