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NAVE: Tact
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Tact [NAVE]

Prov. 15:1; 25:15.
In preaching, 1 Cor. 9:19-22; 2 Cor. 12:6.
Of Gideon, Judg. 8:1-3.
Of Saul, in managing malcontents, 1 Sam. 10:27; 11:7, 12-15.
Nabal's wife, Abigail, 1 Sam. 25:18-37.
In David's popular methods: in mourning for Abner, 2 Sam. 3:28-37; in organizing the temple music, 1 Chr. 15:16-24; in securing popular consent to bringing the ark to Jerusalem, 1 Chr. 13:1-4.
Joab's trick in obtaining David's consent to the return of Absalom, 2 Sam. 14:1-22.
The wise woman of Abel, 2 Sam. 20:16-22.
Solomon, in arbitrating between the harlots, 1 Kin. 3:24-28.
Mephibosheth, 2 Sam. 9:8.
The woman of Tekoah, 2 Sam. 14:4-20.
Mordecai, in concealing Esther's nationality, Esth. 2:10.
Esther, in placating the king, Esth. 5-7.
Paul, in circumcising Timothy, Acts 16:3; in turning the preaching of adversaries to account, Phil. 1:10-22; in stimulating benevolent giving, 2 Cor. 8:1-8; 9:1-5; in pitting the two religious factions of the Jews against each other when he was in trouble, Acts 23:6-10.
The town clerk of Ephesus, Acts 19:35-41.
The church council at Jerusalem, Acts 21:20-25.

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