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The Song of Songs 6:1


The Maidens to the Beloved: Where has your beloved gone, O most beautiful among women? Where has your beloved turned? Tell us, 1  that we may seek him with you. 2 


Ru 1:16,17; Ru 2:12; So 1:4; So 1:8; So 2:2; So 5:9; So 6:4,9,10; Isa 2:5; Jer 14:8; Zec 8:21-23; Ac 5:11-14

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tn The phrase “Tell us!” does not appear in the Hebrew but is supplied in the translation for the sake of smoothness.

tn Heb “And we may seek him with you.” The vav-conjunctive on וּנְבַקְשֶׁנּוּ (unÿvaqshennu, “and we may seek him with you”) denotes purpose/result.

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