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Revelation 6:17


because the great day of their 1  wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?” 2 


Ps 76:7; Ps 130:3,4; Isa 13:6-22; Jer 30:7; Joe 2:11; Joe 2:31; Zep 1:14-18; Mal 3:2; Ro 2:5; Jude 1:6; Re 11:18; Re 16:14

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tc Most mss (A Ï bo) change the pronoun “their” to “his” (αὐτοῦ, autou) in order to bring the text in line with the mention of the one seated on the throne in the immediately preceding verse, and to remove the ambiguity about whose wrath is in view here. The reading αὐτῶν (autwn, “their”) is well supported by א C 1611 1854 2053 2329 2344 pc latt sy. On both internal and external grounds, it should be regarded as original.

tn The translation “to withstand (it)” for ἵστημι (Jisthmi) is based on the imagery of holding one’s ground in a military campaign or an attack (BDAG 482 s.v. B.4).

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