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Psalms 78:1


A well-written song 2  by Asaph. Pay attention, my people, to my instruction! Listen to the words I speak! 3 


Jud 5:3; 2Ch 15:1-16:14; Ps 49:1-3; Ps 51:4; Ps 74:1; Pr 8:4-6; Isa 51:4; Isa 55:3; Mt 13:9

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sn Psalm 78. The author of this lengthy didactic psalm rehearses Israel’s history. He praises God for his power, goodness and patience, but also reminds his audience that sin angers God and prompts his judgment. In the conclusion to the psalm the author elevates Jerusalem as God’s chosen city and David as his chosen king.

tn The meaning of the Hebrew term מַשְׂכִּיל (maskil) is uncertain. See the note on the phrase “well-written song” in the superscription of Ps 74.

tn Heb “Turn your ear to the words of my mouth.”

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