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Psalms 55:10


Day and night they walk around on its walls, 1  while wickedness and destruction 2  are within it.


1Sa 19:11; 2Sa 16:21,22; 2Sa 17:1,2; Ps 59:6,14,15; Isa 59:6-15; Eze 9:4; Ho 7:6; Mic 2:1,2; Zep 3:1-3; Joh 18:3,28; Ac 9:24

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tn Heb “day and night they surround it, upon its walls.” Personified “violence and conflict” are the likely subjects. They are compared to watchmen on the city’s walls.

sn Wickedness and destruction. These terms are also closely associated in Ps 7:14.

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