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Psalms 47:3


He subdued nations beneath us 1  and countries 2  under our feet.


De 33:29; Jos 10:24,25; Jos 21:44; Ps 18:47; Ps 81:14; Ps 110:1; 1Co 15:25; Php 3:21

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tn On the meaning of the verb דָּבַר (davar, “subdue”), a homonym of דָּבַר (“speak”), see HALOT 209-10 s.v. I דבר. See also Ps 18:47 and 2 Chr 22:10. The preterite form of the verb suggests this is an historical reference and the next verse, which mentions the gift of the land, indicates that the conquest under Joshua is in view.

tn Or “peoples” (see Pss 2:1; 7:7; 9:8; 44:2).

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