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Proverbs 8:21


that I may cause 1  those who love me to inherit wealth, and that I may fill 2  their treasuries. 3 


Ge 15:14; 1Sa 2:8; Ps 16:11; Pr 1:13; Pr 6:31; Pr 8:18; Mt 25:46; Joh 1:1-18; Ro 8:17; Eph 3:19,20; Heb 10:34; 1Pe 1:4; Re 21:7

NET © Notes

tn The infinitive construct expressing the purpose of the preceding “walk” in the way of righteousness. These verses say that wisdom is always on the way of righteousness for the purposes of bestowing the same to those who find her. If sin is involved, then wisdom has not been followed.

tn The Piel imperfect continues the verbal idea that the infinitive began in the parallel colon even though it does not have the vav on the form.

tc The LXX adds at the end of this verse: “If I declare to you the things of daily occurrence, I will remember to recount the things of old.”

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