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Proverbs 6:19


a false witness who pours out lies, 1  and a person who spreads discord 2  among family members. 3 


Ex 20:16; Ex 23:1; De 19:16-20; 1Ki 21:10-15; Ps 27:12; Ps 35:11; Pr 6:14; Pr 12:17; Pr 16:28; Pr 19:5,9; Pr 22:10; Pr 25:18; Pr 26:20; Mt 15:19; Mt 26:59; Ac 6:13; 2Ti 2:23; Jas 3:14-16,18; 3Jo 1:9,10

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sn The Lord hates perjury and a lying witness (e.g., Ps 40:4; Amos 2:4; Mic 1:4). This is a direct violation of the law (Exod 20).

sn Dissension is attributed in Proverbs to contentious people (21:9; 26:21; 25:24) who have a short fuse (15:8).

tn Heb “brothers,” although not limited to male siblings only. Cf. NRSV, CEV “in a family”; TEV “among friends.”

sn These seven things the Lord hates. To discover what the Lord desires, one need only list the opposites: humility, truthful speech, preservation of life, pure thoughts, eagerness to do good, honest witnesses, and peaceful harmony. In the NT the Beatitudes present the positive opposites (Matt 5). It has seven blessed things to match these seven hated things; moreover, the first contrasts with the first here (“poor in spirit” of 5:5 with “haughty eyes”), and the seventh (“peacemakers” of 5:7) contrasts with the seventh here (“sows dissension”).

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