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Proverbs 4:3


When I was a son to my father, 1  a tender only child 2  before my mother,


2Sa 12:24,25; 1Ki 1:13-17; 1Ch 3:5; 1Ch 22:5; 1Ch 29:1; Jer 10:23; Ro 12:16

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tn Or “a boy with my father.”

tc The LXX introduces the ideas of “obedient” and “beloved” for these two terms. This seems to be a free rendering, if not a translation of a different Hebrew textual tradition. The MT makes good sense and requires no emendation.

tn Heb “tender and only one.” The phrase רַךְ וְיָחִיד (rakh vÿyakhid, “tender and only one”) is a hendiadys meaning “tender only child.” The adjective רַךְ (rakh) means “tender; delicate” (BDB 940 s.v. רַךְ), and describes a lad who is young and undeveloped in character (e.g., 2 Sam 3:39). The adjective יָחִיד (yakhid) means “only one” (BDB 402 s.v. יָחִיד) and refers to a beloved and prized only child (e.g., Gen 22:2).

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