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Proverbs 4:2


Because I give 1  you good instruction, 2  do not forsake my teaching.


De 32:2; 1Ch 28:9; 2Ch 7:19; Job 33:3; Ps 49:1-3; Ps 89:30-32; Pr 8:6-9; Pr 22:20,21; Joh 7:16,17; 1Ti 4:6; Tit 1:9

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tn The perfect tense has the nuance of instantaneous perfect; the sage is now calling the disciples to listen. It could also be a perfect of resolve, indicating what he is determined to do.

tn The word לֶקַח (leqakh, “instruction”) can be subjective (instruction acquired) or objective (the thing being taught). The latter fits best here.

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