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Proverbs 3:21


My child, do not let them 1  escape from your sight; safeguard sound wisdom and discretion. 2 


De 4:9; De 6:6-9; De 32:46,47; Jos 1:8; Pr 2:7; Pr 3:1-3; Joh 8:31; Joh 15:6,7; Heb 2:1-3; 1Jo 2:24,27

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tn The object of the verb “escape” is either (1) wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in vv. 13-20 or (2) “wisdom and discretion” in the second colon of this verse. Several English versions transpose the terms “wisdom and discretion” from the second colon into the first colon for the sake of clarity and smoothness (e.g., RSV, NRSV, NIV, TEV, CEV).
NIV takes the subject from the second colon and reverses the clauses to clarify that.

tn Or: “purpose,” “power of devising.”

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