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Proverbs 29:8


Scornful people 1  inflame 2  a city, 3  but those who are wise turn away wrath.


Ex 32:10-14; Nu 16:48; Nu 25:11; De 9:18-20; 2Sa 24:16,17; Pr 11:11; Isa 28:14-22; Jer 15:1; Eze 22:30; Am 7:2-6; Mt 27:39-43; Joh 9:40,41; Joh 11:47-50; 1Th 2:15,16; Jas 3:5,6; Jas 5:15-18

NET © Notes

tn Heb “men of scorn”; NAB “Arrogant men”; ASV, NRSV “Scoffers”; NIV, NLT “Mockers.”

tn The verb means “to blow; to breathe” (BDB 806 s.v. פּוּחַ). In the Hiphil imperfect its meaning here is “to excite; to inflame” a city, as in blowing up a flame or kindling a fire. It is also used with “words” in 6:19 and 12:17 – they “puff out words.” Such scornful people make dangerous situations worse, whereas the wise calm things down (e.g., 2 Sam 20).

tn The term “city” is a metonymy of subject; it refers to the people in the city who can easily be set in an uproar by such scornful people.

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