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Proverbs 18:12


Before destruction the heart 1  of a person is proud, but humility comes 2  before honor. 3 


Job 42:6-17; Pr 11:2; Pr 15:33; Pr 16:18; Pr 29:23; Isa 6:5-13; Eze 16:49,50; Eze 28:2,9; Da 5:23,24; Da 9:20,23; Lu 14:11; Ac 12:21-23; 1Pe 5:5

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sn The term “heart” is a metonymy of subject, referring to the seat of the spiritual and intellectual capacities – the mind, the will, the motivations and intentions. Proud ambitions and intentions will lead to a fall.

tn Heb “[is] before honor”; cf. CEV “humility leads to honor.”

sn The way to honor is through humility (e.g., Prov 11:2; 15:33; 16:18). The humility and exaltation of Jesus provides the classic example (Phil 2:1-10).

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