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Matthew 4:5


Then the devil took him to the holy city, 1  had him stand 2  on the highest point 3  of the temple,


2Ch 3:4; Ne 11:1; Isa 48:2; Isa 52:1; Da 9:16; Mt 27:53; Lu 4:9; Joh 19:11; Re 11:2

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sn The order of the second and third temptations differs in Luke’s account (4:5-12) from the order given in Matthew.

tn Grk “and he stood him.”

sn The highest point of the temple probably refers to the point on the temple’s southeast corner where it looms directly over a cliff some 450 ft (135 m) high. However, some have suggested the reference could be to the temple’s high gate.

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