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Matthew 15:14


Leave them! They are blind guides. 1  If someone who is blind leads another who is blind, 2  both will fall into a pit.”


Isa 9:16; Isa 42:19; Isa 56:10; Jer 5:31; Jer 6:15; Jer 8:12; Eze 14:9,10; Ho 4:17; Mic 3:6,7; Mal 2:8; Mt 23:16-24; Lu 6:39; 1Ti 6:5; 2Pe 2:1,17; Re 19:20; Re 22:15

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tc ‡ Most mss, some of which are significant, read “They are blind guides of the blind” (א1 C L W Z Θ Ë1,13 33 Ï lat). The shorter reading is read by א*,2 B D 0237 Epiph. There is a distinct possibility of omission due to homoioarcton in א*; this manuscript has a word order variation which puts the word τυφλοί (tufloi, “blind”) right before the word τυφλῶν (tuflwn, “of the blind”). This does not explain the shorter reading, however, in the other witnesses, of which B and D are quite weighty. Internal considerations suggest that the shorter reading is original: “of the blind” was likely added by scribes to balance this phrase with Jesus’ following statement about the blind leading the blind, which clearly has two groups in view. A decision is difficult, but internal considerations here along with the strength of the witnesses argue that the shorter reading is more likely original. NA27 places τυφλῶν in brackets, indicating doubts as to its authenticity.

tn Grk “If blind leads blind.”

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