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Matthew 10:11


Whenever 1  you enter a town or village, 2  find out who is worthy there 3  and stay with them 4  until you leave.


Ge 19:1-3; Jud 19:16-21; 1Ki 17:9-24; Job 31:32; Mr 6:10; Lu 9:4; Lu 10:7,8; Lu 10:38-42; Lu 19:7; Ac 16:15; Ac 18:1-3; 3Jo 1:7,8

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tn Here δέ (de) has not been translated.

tn Grk “Into whatever town or village you enter.” This acts as a distributive, meaning every town or village they enter; this is expressed more naturally in English as “whenever you enter a town or village.”

tn Grk “in it” (referring to the city or village).

tn Grk “there.” This was translated as “with them” to avoid redundancy in English and to clarify where the disciples were to stay.

sn Jesus telling his disciples to stay with them in one house contrasts with the practice of religious philosophers in the ancient world who went from house to house begging.

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