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Matthew 1:12


After 1  the deportation to Babylon, Jeconiah became the father of Shealtiel, 2  Shealtiel the father of Zerubbabel,


2Ki 25:27; 1Ch 3:17,19-24; Ezr 3:2; Ezr 5:2; Ne 12:1; Jer 22:24,28; Hag 1:1,12,14; Hag 2:2,23; Lu 3:27

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tn Because of the difference between Greek style, which usually begins a sentence with a conjunction, and English style, which generally does not, the conjunction δέ (de) has not been translated here.

sn The Greek text and the KJV read Salathiel. Most modern English translations use the OT form of the name (cf. Ezra 3:2).

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