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Matthew 1:10


Hezekiah the father of Manasseh, Manasseh the father of Amon, 1  Amon the father of Josiah,


1Ki 13:2; 2Ki 20:21; 2Ki 21:1-18; 2Ki 21:19-26; 2Ki 21:26; 2Ki 22:1-20; 2Ki 23:1-30; 2Ki 24:3,4; 1Ch 3:13-15; 2Ch 32:33; 2Ch 33:1-19; 2Ch 33:20-24; 2Ch 33:25; 2Ch 34:1-33; 2Ch 35:1-27; Jer 1:2,3

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tc ᾿Αμώς (Amws) is the reading found in the earliest and best witnesses (א B C [Dluc] γ δ θ Ë1 33 pc it sa bo), and as such is most likely original, but this is a variant spelling of the name ᾿Αμών (Amwn). The translation uses the more well-known spelling “Amon” found in the Hebrew MT and the majority of LXX mss. See also the textual discussion of “Asa” versus “Asaph” (vv. 7-8); the situation is similar.

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