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Luke 6:26


“Woe to you 1  when all people 2  speak well of you, for their ancestors 3  did the same things to the false prophets.


1Ki 22:6-8,13,14,24-28; Isa 30:10; Jer 5:31; Mic 2:11; Joh 7:7; Joh 15:19; Ro 16:18; 2Th 2:8-12; Jas 4:4; 2Pe 2:1-3; 2Pe 2:18,19; 1Jo 4:5,6; Re 13:3,4

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tc The wording “to you” (ὑμῖν, Jumin) is lacking throughout the ms tradition except for a few witnesses (D W* Δ 1424 pc co). The Western witnesses tend to add freely to the text. Supported by the vast majority of witnesses and the likelihood that “to you” is a clarifying addition, the shorter reading should be considered original; nevertheless, “to you” is included in the translation because of English requirements.

tn This is a generic use of ἄνθρωπος (anqrwpo"), referring to both males and females.

tn Or “forefathers”; Grk “fathers.”

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