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Luke 6:24


“But woe 1  to you who are rich, for you have received 2  your comfort 3  already.


Job 21:7-15; Ps 49:6,7,16-19; Ps 73:3-12; Pr 1:32; Jer 5:4-6; Am 4:1-3; Am 6:1-6; Hag 2:9; Mt 6:2,5,16; Lu 12:15-21; Lu 16:19-25; Lu 18:23-25; 1Ti 6:17; Jas 2:6; Jas 5:1-6; Re 18:6-8

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sn Jesus promises condemnation (woe) to those who are callous of others, looking only to their own comforts. On Luke and the rich see 1:53; 12:16; 14:12; 16:1, 21-22; 18:23; 19:2; 21:1. These woes are unique to Luke.

sn Ironically the language of reward shows that what the rich have received is all they will get. This result looks at a current situation, just as the start of the beatitudes did. The rest of the conclusions to the woes look to the future at the time of judgment.

tn Grk “your consolation.”

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