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Leviticus 25:18


You must obey my statutes and my regulations; you must be sure to keep them 1  so that you may live securely in the land. 2 


Le 19:37; Le 26:3-12; De 12:10; De 28:1-14; De 33:12,28; Ps 4:8; Ps 103:18; Pr 1:33; Jer 7:3-7; Jer 23:6; Jer 25:5; Jer 33:16; Eze 33:24-26,29; Eze 34:25-28; Eze 36:24-28

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tn Heb “And you shall keep and do them.” This appears to be a kind of verbal hendiadys, where the first verb is a modifier of the action of the second verb (see GKC 386 §120.d, although שָׁמַר [shamar, “to keep”] is not cited there; cf. Lev 20:8, etc.).

tn Heb “and you shall dwell on the land to security.”

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