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Jonah 1:1


The Lord said 1  to Jonah son of Amittai, 2 


2Ki 14:25; Mt 12:39; Mt 16:4; Lu 11:29,30,32

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tn Heb “The word of the Lord.” The genitive noun in the construction דְּבַר־יְהוָה (dÿvar-yÿhvah, “word of the Lord”) could function as a possessive genitive (“the Lord’s word”; see IBHS 145 §9.5.1g), but more likely it functions as a subjective genitive (“the Lord said”; see IBHS 143 §9.5.1a). The Aramaic translation of Jonah 1:1 (Aramaic translations of the Hebrew Bible are known as Targums) interprets the Hebrew as “There was a word of prophecy from the Lord” (cf. Tg. Hos 1:1).

tn Heb “The word of the Lord was to Jonah…saying….” The infinitive לֵאמֹר (lemor, “saying”) introduces direct discourse and is untranslated in English.

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