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John 8:37


I know that you are Abraham’s descendants. 1  But you want 2  to kill me, because my teaching 3  makes no progress among you. 4 


Mt 13:15,19-22; Joh 5:16-18; Joh 5:44; Joh 7:1,19,25; Joh 8:6,40,59; Joh 8:33; Joh 8:43,45-47; Joh 10:31; Joh 11:53; Joh 12:39-43; Ac 13:26; Ro 9:7; 1Co 2:14

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tn Grk “seed” (an idiom).

tn Grk “you are seeking.”

tn Grk “my word.”

tn Or “finds no place in you.” The basic idea seems to be something (in this case Jesus’ teaching) making headway or progress where resistance is involved. See BDAG 1094 s.v. χωρέω 2.

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