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Job 29:5


when the Almighty 1  was still with me and my children were 2  around me;


De 33:27-29; Jos 1:9; Jud 6:12,13; Job 1:2-5; Job 23:3,8-10; Job 42:13-16; Ps 30:7; Ps 43:2; Ps 44:8,9; Ps 127:3-5; Ps 128:3; Pr 17:6; So 2:4; So 3:1,2; Jer 14:8; Mt 9:15

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tn Heb “Shaddai.”

tc Some commentators suggest that עִמָּדִי (’immadi, “with me”) of the second colon of v. 6 (which is too long) belongs to the second colon of v. 5, and should be pointed as the verb עָמָדוּ (’amadu, “they stood”), meaning the boys stood around him (see, e.g., E. Dhorme, Job, 417). But as R. Gordis (Job, 319) notes, there is a purpose for the imbalance of the metric pattern at the end of a section.

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