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Job 23:12


I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my allotted portion. 1 


Job 22:22; Ps 19:9,10; Ps 119:11,103,127; Jer 15:16; Lu 12:42,46; Joh 4:32,34; Joh 6:66-69; Joh 8:31; Ac 14:22; Heb 10:38,39; 1Pe 2:2; 1Jo 2:19

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tc The form in the MT (מֵחֻקִּי, mekhuqqi) means “more than my portion” or “more than my law.” An expanded meaning results in “more than my necessary food” (see Ps 119:11; cf. KJV, NASB, ESV). HALOT 346 s.v. חֹק 1 indicates that חֹק (khoq) has the meaning of “portion” and is here a reference to “what is appointed for me.” The LXX and the Latin versions, along with many commentators, have בְּחֵקִי (bÿkheqi, “in my bosom”).

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