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Job 18:7


His vigorous steps 1  are restricted, 2  and his own counsel throws him down. 3 


2Sa 15:31; 2Sa 17:14; Job 5:12,13; Job 20:22; Job 36:16; Ps 18:36; Ps 33:10; Pr 1:30-32; Pr 4:12; Ho 10:6; 1Co 3:19

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tn Heb “the steps of his vigor,” the genitive being the attribute.

tn The verb צָרַר (tsarar) means “to be cramped; to be straitened; to be hemmed in.” The trouble has hemmed him in, so that he cannot walk with the full, vigorous steps he had before. The LXX has “Let the meanest of men spoil his goods.”

tn The LXX has “causes him to stumble,” which many commentators accept; but this involves the transposition of the three letters. The verb is שָׁלַךְ (shalakh, “throw”) not כָּשַׁל (kashal, “stumble”).

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