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Job 16:16


my face is reddened 1  because of weeping, 2  and on my eyelids there is a deep darkness, 3 


Job 17:7; Ps 6:6,7; Ps 31:9; Ps 32:3; Ps 69:3; Ps 102:3-5,9; Ps 116:3; Isa 52:14; La 1:16; Jon 2:1-10; Mr 14:34

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tn An intensive form, a Qetaltal form of the root חָמַר (khamar, “red”) is used here. This word has as probable derivatives חֹמֶר (khomer, “[red] clay”) and חֲמוֹר (khamor, “[red] ass”) and the like. Because of the weeping, his whole complexion has been reddened (the LXX reads “my belly”).

sn A. B. Davidson (Job, 122) notes that spontaneous and repeated weeping is one of the symptoms of elephantiasis.

sn See Job 3:5. Just as joy brings light and life to the eyes, sorrow and suffering bring darkness. The “eyelids” here would be synecdoche, reflecting the whole facial expression as sad and sullen.

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