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Job 1:9


Then Satan answered the Lord, “Is it for nothing that Job fears God? 1 


Job 1:21; Job 2:10; Job 21:14,15; Mal 1:10; Mt 16:26; 1Ti 4:8; 1Ti 6:6

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tn The Hebrew form has the interrogative ה (he) on the adverb חִנָּם (khinnam, “gratis”), a derivative either of the verb חָנַן (khanan, “to be gracious, show favor”), or its related noun חֵן (khen, “grace, favor”). The adverb has the sense of “free; gratis; gratuitously; for nothing; for no reason” (see BDB 336 s.v. חִנָּם). The idea is that Satan does not disagree that Job is pious, but that Job is loyal to God because of what he receives from God. He will test the sincerity of Job.

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