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Jeremiah 46:7


“Who is this that rises like the Nile, like its streams 1  turbulent at flood stage?


So 3:6; So 8:5; Isa 8:7,8; Isa 63:1; Jer 47:2; Da 9:26; Da 11:22; Am 8:8; Re 12:15

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tn The word translated “streams” here refers to the streams of the Nile (cf. Exod 7:19; 8:1) for parallel usage.

sn The hubris of the Egyptian Pharaoh is referred to in vv. 7-8 as he compares his might to that of the Nile River whose annual flooding was responsible for the fertility of Egypt. A very similar picture of the armies of Assyria overcoming everything in its path is presented in Isa 8:7-8.

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