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Jeremiah 43:11


He will come and attack Egypt. Those who are destined to die of disease will die of disease. Those who are destined to be carried off into exile will be carried off into exile. Those who are destined to die in war will die in war. 1 


Job 20:29; Isa 19:1-25; Jer 15:2; Jer 25:19; Jer 44:13; Jer 46:1-26; Eze 5:12; Eze 29:19,20; Eze 30:1-32:32; Zec 11:9

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tn As in 15:2 the Hebrew is very brief and staccato-like: “those to death to death, and those to captivity to captivity, and those to the sword to the sword.” As in 15:2 most commentaries and English versions assume that the word “death” refers to death by disease. See the translator’s note on 15:2 and compare also 18:21 where the sword is distinctly connected with “war” or “battle” and is distinct from “killed by death [i.e., disease].”

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