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Jeremiah 20:8


For whenever I prophesy, 1  I must cry out, 2  “Violence and destruction are coming!” 3  This message from the Lord 4  has made me an object of continual insults and derision.


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tn Heb “speak,” but the speaking is in the context of speaking as a prophet.

tn Heb “I cry out, I proclaim.”

tn Heb “Violence and destruction.”

sn The words “Violence and destruction…” are a synopsis of his messages of judgment. Jeremiah is lamenting that his ministry up to this point has been one of judgment and has brought him nothing but ridicule because the Lord has not carried out his threats. He appears in the eyes of the people to be a false prophet.

tn Heb “the word of the Lord.” For the use of כִּיכִּי (kiki) here in the sense of “for…and” see KBL 432 s.v. כּי 10.

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