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Isaiah 5:12


They have stringed instruments, 1  tambourines, flutes, and wine at their parties. So they do not recognize what the Lord is doing, they do not perceive what he is bringing about. 2 


Ge 31:27; Job 21:11-14; Job 34:27; Ps 28:5; Ps 92:5,6; Isa 5:19; Isa 22:13; Da 5:1-4,23; Ho 4:10,11; Am 6:4-6; Lu 16:19; Jude 1:12

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tn Two types of stringed instruments are specifically mentioned in the Hebrew text, the כִּנּוֹר (kinnor, “zither”) and נֶבֶל (nevel, “harp”).

tn Heb “the work of the Lord they do not look at, and the work of his hands they do not see.” God’s “work” can sometimes be his creative deeds, but in this context it is the judgment that he is planning to bring upon his people (cf. vv. 19, 26; 10:12; 28:21).

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